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Vacation Chefs

Suddenly Simple

Add an element of ease and elegance to your next stay at any New England vacation rental with our flexible vacation chef services!

Vacation Chef Services

Farm-to-Table  |  Special Diets  |  Locally Sourced |  Just Delicious

Never have to worry if what you'll want will be on the menu with our complimentary menu planning services.


Every menu that we serve is a custom created for each client to suit your individual needs and preferences.

Please see some of our sample menus below.

Coastal Clam Bake

Creamy New England Clam Chowder

potato + onion + bacon + cream + clams​

Classic Steamer Clams

steamers + drawn butter + clam broth

Boiled Lobster

local lobster + drawn butter


Chopped Garden Salad

cucumber + tomato + onion + olive oil + lemon + herbs

Corn On The Cob

summer corn + butter + sea salt

Oven Roasted Fingerlings

olive oil + garlic + herbs + sea salt

Garlicky Green Beans

french green beans + olive oil + garlic + sea salt

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