Chef Services

With custom menus and flexible options, our bespoke chef services offer the ideal alternative to traditional catering and public dining.

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Service Staff

Enjoy the ease of having your own service staff to assist with bartending, serving, guest management, food preparation and more at an easy hourly rate.

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Party Planning

Whether it's a simple setup, or unique image that you have in mind, we can't wait to bring your vision to life with our bespoke event planning services!

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Chef Services

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Suddenly Simple Chef Services are different than traditional catering, but still offer the same level of convenience and professionalism you would expect from working with a brick and mortar establishment.


Instead of preparing your menu in a commercial kitchen days before your event, our chefs prepare all of our menus fresh in your own kitchen just hours before it's set to be served. 

We often work in function halls and community spaces, but have specialized in creating amazing menus fresh from our client's own home kitchens since our inception in 2016.


We also pride ourselves on putting together completely custom menus for special diets, themes and preferences!

With flexible options like being able to provide your own materials or have us forage from our favorite markets for you, our Chef Services make it easy to enjoy the luxury of having your own team of private chefs on call!

All of our Chef Services come with a complimentary consultation and no obligation quote for jobs of all size.

Service Staff





Add Service Staff to your Chef Services package, or enjoy the ease of having our own private service staff at an easy hourly rate!

Our Bartenders are able to provide everything needed, or simply work with what you have on hand, are always TIPS Certified and come with liquor liability insurance upon request. 

Our Servers are happy to handle to simple tasks such as heating and plating prepared your own prepared food, in addition to all of the traditional duties.

Our Coordinators can help with every detail at and leading up to your event, or simply step in when needed to execute your vision.


Our Assistants are an ideal option for DIY hosts and hostesses that love to prepare their own events, but don't want to handle the stress of hosting alone. 

The standard uniform for all service staff is all black attire with a black face mask and disposable gloves, unless otherwise requested.