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Hourly Staff Rates

Woman Chef


$175 per hour

Whether you're looking for personal chef services or catering for an event, our allergen awareness and ServSafe certified chefs are available to meet all of your culinary needs!

Young black male in apron standing with


$75 per hour

Our TIPS Certified Bartenders are available to pour what you have on hand, create signature cocktails and take care of whatever else you need behind the bar.....including mixers, glassware, and liquor liability insurance upon request!

Image by Mohamed Nohassi


$60 per hour

Our Service Assistants are available to assist with all aspects of food and beverage service. When booked a la carte, our Service Assistants can even help to heat and serve ready-to-eat items that you provide yourself!

Event Planner PR Specialist Woman Organizing Outdoor Party. Professional organizer checkin


$60 per hour

Our Hospitality Helpers can provide the extra set of hands that you need to help with all of the general event tasks that typically take you away from time with your guests, like taking coats, setting up or managing minor elements of your event and communicating with vendors.

Waiters in uniform served tables for a b

How do we determine the cost of your quote?

cost of labor (determined by event plan/menu)
cost of food (determined by menu selections)
cost of materials (serving, display, decor, etc.)
vendor expenses (rentals, entertainment, etc.)
your custom quote

to give you an idea of costs...

most menus require 3-6 hours of preparation
most event services run between 1-4 hours
most events require 1-2 hours of cleanup
all staff is booked with a 4 hour minimum

Just submit your inquiry below for more information!

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