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Best Ever Beef Tenderloin

Whenever we serve beef tenderloin, guests can't help but ask for the recipe, and of course, we're more than happy to share whatever we've whipped up for that engagement.

But because we always create every menu custom for each client, the way we prepare each dish varies from event to event, so we've given out many delicious and very different recipes over the years.

Here, we've compiled what we consider our "best ever beef tenderloin" recipe for you here to try at home.

It's sweet, salty, savory, and the perfect way for even the most inexperienced chef to impress their guests!



serves six

beef tenderloin | 3 lbs | trimmed + tied + patted dry

fresh rosemary | 1 sprig | leaves only, minced

fresh sage | 3-6 leaves | leaves only, minced

fresh garlic | 4-8 cloves | grated

avocado oil | 4 tbsp

chili oil | 2 tbsp

maple syrup | 2 tbsp brown sugar | 2 tbsp

coarse sea salt | 2 tbsp

cracked black pepper | 1/2 tsp

white pepper powder | 1/2 tsp

ginger powder | 1/4 tsp

onion powder | 1/4 tsp

clove powder | 1 dash

Combine all of your ingredients (aside from the tenderloin) in a large bowl and mix until consistent.

Place your tenderloin into the bowl and rub the entire surface area with the seasoning mix until evenly coated.

After coating in the marinade, let the tenderloin rest in the bowl for one hour at room temp

Pre-heat oven to 550 degrees.

Just before transferring it to the roasting pan, rub the tenderloin to redistribute the marinade evenly.

Place the roasting pan in the oven uncovered for 15 minutes before checking the internal temperature.

As soon as the internal temperature of the tenderloin reads 120 degrees, remove the pan from the oven and immediately cover it gently with foil.

Allow the tenderloin to rest for approximately 15 minutes while internal temperature rises to medium-rare.

Carve and serve immediately - or if serving later, do not cover the tenderloin upon removing it from the original roast, and then place tenderloin back into a 550 degree oven for 3-5 minutes before carving.  


Be sure to share your do-it-yourself story in the comments!


We'll leave you with a few more of photos of tenderloins past to get your culinary juices flowing......

...and this beautiful short rib, just for good measure

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